What is Implant Dental Treatment?

It is necessary to fill the gaps formed in the mouth due to the lack of teeth. Implant tooth operation is an inclusive process. All aesthetic measures in the mouth are calculated. First, titanium screws are placed in the jawbone area. The process is completed with prostheses placed on titanium screws.

What is Implant
Tooth Transplantation Treatment?

It is the artificial roots placed in the jawbone that make the teeth functional as on the first day. Sometimes it is popularly referred to as a screw thread.

Is Implant Dental
Treatment Performed at a Young Age?

Supported by anyone over the age of 18; that is, implant treatment can be applied at a young age. The priority in this regard is that the patient completes bone development. As the negative aspects of implant treatment at a young age, the patient may face the risk of losing their teeth in the future because they do not complete bone development.

Implant Treatment Benefits

Their longevity is the first factor. Implant teeth, while looking as natural as the real ones, fulfill their duties completely. They do not harm the natural teeth standing next to them.

Attention Points for Implant Tooth Transplantation

Although the operation was painless, ice compresses should be applied to prevent swelling afterwards. Medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly. In the first days, spicy or hot foods should be avoided. Consumptions such as cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided for one or two days after the operation.

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