Teeth Veneers

What is Laminated Teeth?

It is a type of coating made by minimizing the filing process on the tooth. This veneer made on natural teeth is applied as a thin layer. Its most appropriate purpose is to gain a more aesthetic stance.

How is Laminated Tooth Veneer Made?

The procedure is started with the application of local anesthesia to the patient. Then rasping is done. After the filing process is finished, respectively;Veneer measurements are taken according to the teeth to be treated. Coatings are prepared according to the measurements taken. During this period, it is expected that the teeth will be ready for the next procedure. If the veneers are compatible with the tooth, the veneers will be placed after a few hours of operation and the operation has been successfully completed.

Is Laminated Dental Veneer Broken?

The risk of falling and breaking varies according to certain conditions. These conditions are;

If bruises have formed under the coating again

If the adhesive is not made by specialist doctors and does not hold

Loss of bone tissue surrounding the tooth or recession of the gum

Breakage of the coating due to external impacts

Why is Laminated Dental Veneer Made?

If regular maintenance is not done, yellowing of the teeth will occur. Coating is needed to get rid of these yellowings. In addition, the spaces between the front teeth are unhealthy and distorted; This process is applied for impressions that are far from aesthetics.

How Long Is the Life of Laminated Tooth Veneer?

In suitable conditions, laminate tooth coating can protect its life for 10 or 15 years. This issue has a direct relationship with oral care. Regular physician treatment is also the most supportive factor.

Is Porcelain Laminate Healthy?

Many people misjudge and give false statements about porcelain laminate. This view has become widespread over time. These have caused fear. Many of the rhetoric such as the falling off of laminated veneers are the cause of outright misapplications. For a healthy and reliable treatment, the doctor who will perform the procedure should be chosen well. More detailed information can be obtained from our doctors who are experts in their fields.

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