Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening method is applied for teeth that have lost their color harmony due to neglect or other bad conditions over time. Over time, defects occur in the enamel layer of the teeth. The main causes of these are the substances we eat and drink. Commonly known substances such as cigarettes, coffee, tea.

How Is Teeth Whitening Process Done?

The teeth whitening process is divided into two in itself. Before choosing one of these two procedures, an intraoral examination is performed. If there is no obstacle to the application, the bleaching method is decided.

Office Type Teeth Whitening Method

This is the most effective whitening method. Due to the bleaches with high peroxide ratios used in the application, faster results are achieved and their permanence is long. Before the procedure, the patient is cleaned of tartar. It is covered with a protective barrier to prevent damage to the gums. 2 or 3 sessions of whitening gel are applied for an average of 15 minutes. This process is repeated for 2-3 sessions in the patient. The use of coloring foods should be minimized between sessions.

Home Type Teeth Whitening Method

In this method, a specific color is determined and the most suitable transparent plaque is produced for the patient. In the home bleaching process, bleaching with a lower percentage of peroxide is applied. The prepared transparent plaque and whitener are given to the patient by the doctor and explained how to apply it to the teeth. The patient applies the given medicine at home for 2 weeks. The roadmap determined by weekly controls is continued or different methods are tried when needed.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Questions such as whether teeth whitening is difficult or painful are a matter of curiosity of patients. If the tooth enamel is treated in a controlled manner, pain is unlikely. But this procedure should be done by specialist doctors. There may be minor tingling during the treatment. Other than that, nothing too annoying.

What to Do After Teeth Whitening Method

Foods containing dyes should not be consumed until 3 days after the bleaching process. 

Depending on the situation, toothpastes that relieve sensitivity should be used. 

When brushing teeth, it should be treated sensitively and hard brushes should not be used. 

Likewise, acidic drinks and foods should be avoided for a few days.

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